Media Goes After Trump Based on Yet Another “Anonymous Source”

The media is in full spin after one of their own ran a story in which President Trump is reported to have said that all Haitian migrants have AIDS and that Nigerians would never go back to “their huts.” He apparently said these things in a White House meeting back in June.

There’s only one problem…The vast majority of people who attended that meeting say it didn’t happen. This is all being attributed to one “anonymous source” but is being treated as gospel by the entire MSM!

The fact that there is no actual record of him having said this, and that most of the people in the room also said he didn’t say this. So why is it being treated by the media as a certain fact?

Could it be because the whole anti-Trump resistance is crumbling and they are now desperate to smear him with any mud possible that they will throw out journalistic integrity? It seems so.

Not too long ago, the media would have baulked at this kind of press, now it is all they have left.

And what’s worse, is that all the other media outlets are picking up on it with glee (all while carefully attributing it to one specific outlet) in the hopes that they can drown out the major support Trump is building throughout the country.

Russian conspiracies failed.

Obstruction of justice failed.

Sexual misconduct allegations failed.

And now this next one. Sad. Very sad.

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