Media Spins the State of the Union

In what by now is an almost predictable fashion, the mainstream media has decided to spin President Trump’s State of the Union address to negatively reflect his administration.

After a rousing speech, pollsters hit the ground running trying to find out how it was received by voters. CNN’s lead headline and top trending story stated that:

“Less than half of State of the Union watchers have very positive view of Trump address.” Certainly seems negative doesn’t it. But a little digging into the figures shows that the real reception was overwhelmingly positive. in fact, 70% of CNN respondents had a positive view compared with just 29% being negative. But that wouldn’t make a great headline for them, would it?

This shows us something that is happening in America. It shows that the media narrative war is failing. Despite the cycle endlessly repeating the tired old tropes, the American people are waking up to the fact that things are getting much better for the vast majority of Americans.

With tax breaks, more control on immigration, and a booming stock market, everyday folk are feeling the real benefits of Make America Great Again…And the poor MSM can just sit by and spin their sorry tales.

Could this really be the start of our “New American Moment?”