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Michelle Obama Strikes out at Men: “Entitled” and “Self-Righteous”

In a sickening speech for the Obama Foundation, former First Lady Michelle Obama took the opportunity to lash out at half the population. She essentially said that all men were entitled, self-righteous and raised to be weak, while women were raised to be strong. Obama even said that women look after men too much.

Is she really missing the point on this? The environment of recrimination that her and her husband fostered while in the White House has led to a climate where any man who expresses his masculinity is called a monster, and the twisted idea of “toxic masculinity” is pervasive. If she doesn’t like it, well, it’s partly her fault.

The left has created a situation where the media, movies, and even daily life feel it is ok to mock men for their “haplessness”, “stupidity”, and “weakness.” How often on television do you see a “regular family” where the husband and father is hopeless in almost every way and quite often portrayed as stupid and naive? Pretty much all the time, right? And then consider how often the reverse situation is portrayed…Almost never.

If there are a large proportion of “men” out there now who are not strong or self-sufficient, lay the blame at the feet of the left. In schools, males are denigrated and told that they are to blame for the evils of the world. Is it any wonder that we have so many “man-babies” who despise their own sex, and are “ashamed” to be men?

This is the toxicity that has engulfed the nation. And for Michelle Obama to speak of it in such terms shows her blindness.


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