Milo Lands Post with the Daily Caller

Media provocateur and professional snowflake troll Milo Yiannopoulos has just been picked up The Daily Caller to provide a weekly column. After a year which has seen him face the wrath of the media, the news networks, and of course social media, it seems that Milo is going from one opportunity to the next.

Just last week, Robert Mercer, the billionaire investor who funds among other things, Breitbart, announced that he was severing ties with Milo. He said:

“In my opinion, actions of and statements by Mr. Yiannopoulos have caused pain and divisiveness undermining the open and productive discourse that I had hoped to facilitate,” Mercer wrote. “I was mistaken to have supported him, and for several weeks have been in the process of severing all ties with him.”

Milo, in his usual fashion, responded: “This week I have been accused of causing ‘pain and divisiveness.’ I should hope so.”

And it has been a tricky year for the internet sensation. His book, Dangerous, was dropped by publishing house Simon and Shuster, and he was let go by Breitbart for comments he made about his own experience of sexual abuse. But his college campus tour kept him in the limelight, not least of all when Berkeley UC erupted in riots over his appearance…This was for many, their first experience of the danger of the far left in America.

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