Moore Winning Alabama

Despite the desperate attempts to smear Judge Roy Moore in the Alabam Senate race, it seems that voters aren’t buying the narrative being pushed by the WaPo. A survey carried out by Emerson college found that Moore is still 10 points clear (55 to 45) against Democrat Doug Jones.

What is even more amazing is that this survey was carried out BEFORE we found out that the now infamous yearbook signature is highly likely to be a fake. Allegations that WaPo have been wandering around Alabama offering people money to call out Moore are coming in fast and furious, so what is the likely final outcome?

If leftist pollsters are calling it 55 to 45 for Moore, the reality is more likely to be 60 + against 30 or so. Because polls are not designed nowadays to reflect real opinion but to sway opinion. They are political tools not to inform but to persuade, and there are a lot of well-heeled folks who would love to see Donald Trump’s America First agenda fail.

You see, if Moore can be made to lose, other candidates who support MAGA and the president will be encouraged not to run, or to hide their support. The left is trying to derail the MAGA platform…and with it, America.

“The poll also found that President Trump has a positive approval rating in Alabama, with 58 percent approving and 36 percent disapproving of him.”

This is set to be a big win for Roy Moore, President Trump, and the American people.

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