More Corruption from the DNC

Shaun Brown, 58, who is running for a Virginia House seat under the Democrats has been charged with fraud totalling over $800,000 for crimes she committed back in 2012. Under a U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Summer Food Service Program, Brown ran a “non-profit” organization to feed poor kids.

But prosecutors say that she purposely lied about the number of kids they were feeding and filled out false expense claims in order to steal money.

This is pretty low, even for a Democrat.

Essentially, children were left hungry so she and her colleagues could pocket the money. Talk about stealing food from a child’s mouth!!!

Prosecutors say that she and her colleagues told the staff to inflate the numbers that they reported feeding. Brown denies all charges. She claims all this is just “irregularities.”

Why is it that so many of our present, and would be, politicians are found to be committing fraud through “charitable organizations?” This is not just a problem in the DNC (although there tends to be more of them), but a cross-party issue.

The Clinton Foundation, The Obama Foundation, the McCain Foundation ad infinitum, they are all mired in controversy and need to be fully investigated by an INDEPENDENT team!

It is quite literally stealing from the poor and the hungry to pay for their political aggrandizement. They use this money to wine and dine people who can help them get into power. And what do they do when they are in power? They lie, cheat and steal even more.

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