Mosque Bombed During Morning Prayers In Minnesota

mosque bombed
mosque bombed

A mosque in Minnesota was bombed during morning prayers. The FBI launches an investigation after the bomb attack in the Dar Al Farooq Islamic Center ruined imam’s office. Early on Saturday, while worshippers gathered inside for morning prayers the bomb went off. No one was hurt in the attack in the Dar Al Farooq Islamic Center in Bloomington, but authorities say the imam’s office was damaged.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has launched an investigation into the assault, which happened at around 5 am local time (09:00 GMT).Richard Thorton, the special agent in charge of the FBI’s Minneapolis Division, stated that the analysis will determine whether the incident was a hate crime and who could have been behind it.

Thorton added that the explosion was caused by an “improvised explosive device”, which investigators had recovered parts of the apparatus to work out how it was assembled. ‘Unimaginable’

Muslim worshippers were able to extinguish the blaze before firefighters arrived, according to a statement from the Muslim American Society of Minnesota.The group’s manager, Asad Zaman, told Al Jazeera that “a witness saw something being thrown in the imam’s office window by a van or truck prior to the explosion”.

Mohamed Omar, the mosque’s executive director, added that the automobile immediately drove away at high speed. The mostly Somali mosque, like many other mosques across the nation, has received threatening calls and emails, Omar told local media. “It was 5 am. The entire neighborhood was calm. People were supposed to be sleeping, that how calm this ought to be,” he said.”I was shocked to learn this occurred”.

Yasir Abdalrahman, a worshipper at the mosque, said the explosion was “unthinkable”.”We came to the country for the same reason everybody else arrived here: freedom to worship,” Abdalrahman stated.”And that freedom is under threat. Every other American should be insulted by this.”

The Dar Al Farooq Islamic Center functions as a spiritual community for Muslim activists and leaders in the Region, according to the Muslim American Society of Minnesota.The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) advocated Islamic centers and mosques throughout the country to step up security.

The local chapter’s civil rights director, Amir Malik, said that “if a bias motive is proven, this attack would represent another in a long list of hate incidents targeting Islamic associations nationally lately”. CAIR and the mosque are offering a $10,000-reward each for information that leads to an arrest or conviction.

The attack comes amid a dramatic growth in anti-Islam bias events in the United States, according to CAIR. The team discovered that there were 2,213 such hate attacks this past year, a 57 percent increase from 2015. A recent report also said hate crimes spiked in 2016, which was the worst season on record for anti-Muslim incidents since the team started its documentation system in 2013.

The Southern Poverty Law Center also found that a number of anti-Muslim hate groups in the US have nearly tripled since Donald Trump launched his presidential campaign in 2015. It reported that the┬ánumber of businesses opposing Muslims “jumped” from 34 in 2015 to 101 final year. In June, partial enforcement of Trump’s Muslim ban came into force. New visa applicants from Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Iran and Yemen and all refugees must establish a relationship to some “close” relative already in the US in order to qualify for a US visa.

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