Mothers Lets Snake Bite 1-Year-Old Child to Teach Her A Lesson, Laughs Hysterically

A Florida woman is being investigated police after she intentionally allowed a wild snake to bite her 1-year-old daughter.   The mother claims it was a great way to teach her daughter about snakes, but can’t seem to offer a reasonable explanation as to why she found a snake biting a 1-year-old child so funny.

It took place in Sebring, Florida. The mother, who local press refuse to identify, uploaded a video of a red rat snake biting her 1-year-old daughter. In the video, the mother puts a plastic container containing the snake in front of the 1-year-old. The curious child reaches into the container and gets bitten by the snake. The child begins screaming as the mother laughs hysterically.

The woman says she has no regrets for “introducing” the girl to the snake, which she found in the driveway of her home near Sebring. She claims people are being too sensitive. She says the snake bit her and her son several times and it didn’t hurt. She thought it was an excellent opportunity to “introduce” the girl to the snake without her getting hurt. She says it’s important to teach children what wildlife they should avoid.

The Highlands County Sheriff’s Office investigated the incident and determined that, by intentionally exposing the child to a wild snake, there was enough for authorities to charge her
with child abuse. The case has now been handed over to the State Attorney’s Office.

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Is This Child Abuse?

Source: 7 News Miami
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