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Has the MSM Finally Just Admitted that Trump is “Winning”?

For the last year, all major MSM sources have been decrying the badness of the Trump presidency, complaining of how nothing is getting done, and of how Trump doesn’t know how to be President. But recently, this seems to be changing. Even those desperate leftist pundits are starting to admit that things are going pretty good.

Let’s look at a few areas that can’t be denied anymore.

  1. The Economy is booming! – Initially, commentators and social media said that the last 2 quarter improvements in the economy were because of policies that Obama had put in place. But as the Dow soars to 25,000, they are beginning to openly admit that this has something to do with Trump and his pro-business, pro-America policies and attitude.
  2. We Beat ISIS! – A war that has been waging across presidencies seems to be at a close. ISIS is on the run and have lost almost all of the territory they held. Despite earlier calls from the media that Trump was failing, they are now saying that he appears to have been the main force behind defeating these terrorists. Something that previous administrations failed to do.
  3. Biggest Tax Reform in 30 Years. – It has often been said that Trump doesn’t know how to “work the Hill,” and as such will always fail with legislative efforts. Apparently not! Just yesterday, the largest reform since Reagan took place, and it sailed through smoothly. Pundits are hinting that they may have been wrong about his capabilities.

Now that the press is waking up to the Presidential Machine that is Donald Trump, perhaps it’s time for the voters to stop protesting and start hoping that Trump does a great job for ALL Americans!

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