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MSM Gives 52X more airtime to GOP Scandal than DNC Scandal!

If you’ve looked at a paper, a website, or the TV news, you’ll no doubt have seen coverage of the Roy Moore scandal, but what many people haven’t seen is any coverage on Democratic Senator Bob Menendez (NJ) who is currently on trial for Federal Corruption. It’s not your fault! IN fact, the media coverage of Moore has been 52X more than that of Menendez! Is this biased much?!?!?

The fact that one of the men is facing allegations for which no proof whatsoever has been offered, and the other is in court right now facing federal charges based on evidence (enough evidence apparently to get him into a jury trial) seems somewhat unbalanced. Doesn’t it?

As reported in the Daily Wire:

“From November 9 through November 14, the ABC, CBS and NBC morning and evening newscasts generated approximately 104 minutes of airtime dedicated to covering allegations against Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, according to an updated report from the Media Research Center.”

This is a ridiculous amount of biased leaning. It’s time to call the media exactly what they are: biased, partisan, controlling, propaganda machines that seek to influence our “little minds” with their fraudulent narrative.

Until we get honest reporting of facts (and opinion pieces are fine too, as long as they state that this is their opinion, not a direct representation of facts), they will continue to lose support and credibility. Despite what they think, we are not idiots to be preached to. We can make up our own minds when given adequate access to the facts.


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