MSM Predict Dem Failure in 2018

Despite some solid wins last week for the Democrats, their inability to put forward a positive message (that isn’t “Impeach TRRUUMMPP!!”) and rally voters will leave them in minority positions in both House come 2018. And this isn’t just the Trump/GOP friendly media touting this. It seems that the left-leaning The Hill is also on board with this assessment.

They reported:

“But for all the optimism, the elections in Virginia last week vividly reflected why the reality might be a good deal harsher. While Democrats won the governorship by nearly nine percentage points and won a similar margin in total votes in legislative races, it appears likely, unless recounts reverse seats, that they will fall just short of taking control of the state’s heavily gerrymandered House of Delegates.”

And to what do they attribute the coming losses? Gerrymandering.

Whilst there is a major debate to be had on Gerrymandering, the fact is that both sides have engaged in it to the fullest of their abilities since the very idea became a possibility. To blame election loss on another sides’ Gerrymandering doesn’t make sense when we think that in very recent history, Dems were in control of most government apparatus.

Matt Walter, president of the Republican State Leadership Committee, says it better: “What you’ve got there is a classic fig leaf by the Democrats to explain their ineptitude and lack of focus and ultimate lack of ability to convince the voters they have a plan to move forward,” he said.


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