MSM’s Argument on Contraception is Deeply Flawed

clinton trump Failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has released excerpts from her new book claiming that during her debate with President (then candidate) Trump, "My skin crawled."

The Hill has released an editorial stating that resident Donald Trump has got it wrong on employers having to pay for contraception. Their idea is that contraception is actually a healthcare and as such should be covered by insurance and not subject to any exemptions.

The piece was written by Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.), and she talks about how it was one of her proudest moments when she discussed the ACA on the House floor. She says:

“Women won’t just have to pay slightly higher costs under this rule, they will have to pay for the full cost of their birth control if it is no longer covered. That’s no small thing. Birth control pills can cost more than $600 a year without insurance coverage.”

And while it undoubtedly true that some women do use birth control pills to manage medical disorders, the idea that a subsidized insurance should pay for an elective drug is just plain wrong.

The vast majority of women around the world do not use the contraceptive pill to treat an illness; they use it as a chemical alternative to which there are many other options.

It could be argued that the contraceptive pill (not for women who use it for real medical conditions) is essentially a “recreational drug.”

This is not, and can not, be recognized as a “healthcare” drug. Taking any medication that is not to solve a physical problem or to improve overall health, is NOT a healthy choice.

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