MSNBC Says “Sovereignty” is Racist!

A panel on MSNBC made up of top media figures and former government workers all seem to agree that “Sovereignty” is racist! SOvereignty is the idea that a nation of people should be free to follow their own path free from interference from other countries, in what universe is this racist?

The reality is that these people are globalists who want not only the United States, but all nations destroyed and to be under the control of a One World Government. The problem is, they don’t want the people to have a say in this.

To suggest that when Donald Trump talks about “sovereignty” and “sovereign” he is making “racist dog whistles” is simply ludicrous. The 20th Century was marked by nations freeing themselves from the yoke of oppression: France from Germany in the Second World War, many nations from the USSR, and more…Were they all racist for wanting to be able to choose their own form of government?

Don’t be mistaken into thinking that this just happens to be a group of people who happen to agree with each other. This was done with intent. The people pushing for One world government (with the European Union as the blueprint) are being put into positions in the media to push this agenda and make it seem like a mainstream idea…It is not.

Through the whole of human history, people have sought to govern themselves, it is the urge for freedom and Agency, yet these people would have you stripped of it and call you racist for daring to disagree!


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