MSNBC: Why are You Trying to Lie to America?

On an MSNBC panel, the guests tried to discredit the president’s words on the Texas shooting by questioning the events and how they happened. Specifically, they tried to call into question the heroic actions of the local man who opened fire on the killer and gave chase.

Yamiche Alcindor was with Chick Todd when they began casting aspersions on the events that have already been fully verified by law enforcement who state openly that Stephen Willeford tackling the gunman, Devin Kelley “saved lives.” They said:

“When I was watching President Trump today, and he was making his argument that [the shooter] was essentially stopped by someone with a gun, I kept thinking, ‘but he killed himself,’” Alcindor falsely stated. “The shooter was not stopped, there was not a big gun fight … and I think there needs to be a fact check on how this got stopped in the first place.”

Why would they spread lies that they know to be absolutely false? Either they are incapable of understanding basic evidence and events (which is possible), or they are trying to cast doubts by “questioning.”

We all know that questioning things is good, but they know the events were accurately recorded. They are just shills for the anti-second amendment Democrats who keep them in work.

They are true purveyors of fake news and they should be ashamed of themselves. Willeford risked his life to save others. He could have just fired and hidden, but he gave chase to an armed killer. This guy should be applauded, not have aspersions cast upon him by cowards and liars.

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