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Mugabe Appointed UN Goodwill Ambassador – The World Misses the Irony!

The President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe has just been appointed as the U.N’s Goodwill Ambassador in a move that has left the world stunned by what can only be described as a ridiculous appointment. Even Zimbabwe’s opposition party has criticized the move.

Mugabe is known throughout the world as a dictator who has clung onto power through violence, intimidation and even accusations of murder. He has impoverished his country whilst making himself incredibly rich. Quite why the UN thought this was a good idea is beyond reason.

US-based Human Rights Watch has slammed the appointment saying that Mugabe’s”utter mismanagement of the economy has devastated health services”. His profiteering has almost bankrupted the nation and his misspending has taken the opportunity for good health from millions of poor folk in the country.

The opposition party said:

“The Zimbabwe health delivery system is in a shambolic state, it is an insult,” spokesman Obert Gutu told AFP.

“Mugabe trashed our health delivery system… he allowed our public hospitals to collapse.”

Even the British government has stated that this is “surprising and disappointing.”

What is going on behind the scenes? What kind of backroom deal took place to allow a man who appears to care nothing for his fellow countrymen to be appointed to such a position? If any further proof were needed that the UN has lost its direction, this is it. It is a bad decision that will likely result in not only a loss of respect for the UN, but could even result in more damage being done to world health.

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