Multiple Teens Arrested For Beating Mentally Disabled Black Man, #Blacklivesmatter silent!

Do the lives of mentally disabled African-Americans matter to #blacklivesmatter? Many are asking that question after a mentally disabled black man was beaten by a group of black teenagers. Black lives matter hasn’t said a word about the incident. There’s no way to politicize this mentally disabled man’s misfortune because the attackers were also black. In fact, the same group of attackers hit a principal in the face with a brick just a week ago.

The incident happened on Memorial day. Mark Smith, 38, suffers from a mental disability but still manages to work at a ShopRite. While he was walking through Germantown a group of black teenage thugs attacked him. They take turns throwing punches at the mentally disabled man while laughin as if it’s the funniest thing they’ve seen in their entire life. It wasn’t as funny when the police showed up at their school Tuesday to arrest them.

Police credited the community with helping identify the 4 thugs. Community members worked together and gave crucial information to the police that helped identify them. Now the teens remain in custody as they await their fate. The teens could face serious charges for their crime.

This is a great example of two things, both of which point to the failures of #blacklivesmatter. This story is a great example of what can be accomplished when communities work together with their police. #blacklivesmatter speaks out against this. It’s also a great example of how black lives only matter to #blacklivesmatter when their turmoil can be politicized for personal gain. Have you heard a single #blacklivesmatter protester say Mark Smith’s life matters?

Well it does, and he should be commended for holding a job while suffering from a mental disability. His life matters, he probably tries harder than most of us. It’s a shame this had to happen to him, but I’m very happy he’s going to be allright.

Source: ABC News
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