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Murdered NYPD Officer’s Daughter is Born, Three Years After He Died

As mortally wounded New York Police Department officer Wenjian Liu lay in 2014 in a Brooklyn hospital, physicians asked his estranged spouse if she desired his semen maintained so that she could someday have his son or daughter.

“Of course she would like that,” a family friend told The New York and Tuesday, two-and-a-half years following Liu’s murder, his widow gave birth to their daughter.

Liu’s widow, Pei Xia Chen (Sanny), named the baby “Angel” as a tribute to her slain hero husband. Her husband’s hat is next to her bed as a tribute in the New York-Presbyterian Hospital on the Upper East Side.

The afternoon Chen was artificially inseminated, “she had a fantasy that Wenjian was there in a white dress looking like an angel and that he handed her a baby, and he said, ‘it is a woman, a little angel,’ her friend and fellow police widow Dziergowski said.

“So my hero husband understood before everybody that it was a woman. “The baby’s cute, laughing and smiling,” Dziergowski explained, who had been with Chen in the hospital Tuesday. “She has plenty of black hair”

Chen — who had just been married to her policeman husband for three months before he and his partner were killed in a cop-hating ambush – was admitted to the hospital about 12:30 p.m. Monday and gave birth at 4:35 a.m.

The baby, whose full name is Angelina, weighed 6 pounds, 13 ounces and is 19.5 inches long, Dziergowski stated. Sources said the infant’s birth was particularly important for Liu’s parents, who lost their only son, 32, in the double murder. Liu’s dad and mom, who reside in Brooklyn, went to the hospital to see their new granddaughter hours after her birth.

Liu and Ramos died at Woodhull Hospital — and “that night, the doctors came to [Chen], and they asked her if she wanted them to harvest his sperm,” Dziergowski stated. In her eulogy to her husband, Chen called Liu “my hero.” She later said she wears his police badge daily.

Liu was 12 when he and his parents emigrated to the US from Guangzhou, China, in 1994. He and Chen were living with his parents at the time he was killed. At Liu’s funeral, his weeping father, Wei Tang Liu, told mourners through a translator, “Today is the saddest day in my life. My only son has left me.”

Female cops and friends of Chen poured into the hospital Tuesday to congratulate the mother and child, Dziergowski added. The group threw her a baby shower about a couple of weeks ago, the friend said. Dziergowski met Chen as part of the NYPD’s extended family of police widows.

She was three months pregnant with her second child when her husband, NYPD Officer Matthew Dziergowski, was killed Feb. 14, 1999, by a drunken driver. The hero cop was guarding the scene of an auto crash in Staten Island at the moment.

Maria named the baby Matthew after his father.


Article source: The New York Post


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