Muslim Student who Lied about Trump Supporter Attack Pleads Guilty – Guess How Much Jail Time She Gets?

Yasmin Seweid, who filed a police report about Trump Supporters attacking her on a subway train, saying they pulled off her Hijab, and describing their Islamophobic abuse, has admitted that she made the whole thing up. But not before her story had been told by every major news agency around the world, disparaging Trump supporters and the president himself.

This story and others like it (the vast majority of which have turned out to also be lies) set the tone for how the world media treats Trump supporters. It has done vast damage to the reputations of millions. And what do you suppose her punishment is for filing a false police report and wasting police time (not to mention the abuse TRump supporters have received because of lies like this)? Did she get sent to prison for wasting court time, police time, money, resources probably numbering in the hundreds of thousands of dollars?

Three days community service!?!?!?

The whole story was apparently made up because she missed her curfew. And because of that, Trump supporters, and Trump himself have faced bigotry, abuse, and even violence. So far today, I have searched the internet’s major news sites for some sign of her lying in the MSM, and guess what I’ve found (at least by the time of publishing this)?…Nothing! The hypocritical MSM are really showing their true agenda now!

Read my column here about this case — read the whole thing. I said from the beginning that Yasmin Seweid made the whole thing up, but the enemedia could not get enough of her story. A Muslim teen said she was “verbally abused on a NY train” by “islamophobic Trump” supporters. It was worldwide news. No one in the media questioned all the holes in her story.

Yasmin and her brother Abdoul were featured together in NY Newsday talking about the “pigs” who attacked her and the cowardly witnesses who sat idly by. Yet no witnesses ever came forward and no surveillance video corroborated her story, which supposedly happened on the platform and in the train car of a post-9/11 New York City subway station.

Ironically, it was also NY Newsday that reported the police charges against Abdoul from a few years earlier. Allegedly, Abdoul Seweid and his friends were involved in some serious criminal activity that Abdoul tried to cover by blaming the involvement of “three unknown males.”

Did Newsday ask police the tough questions? Did The NY Times? Apparently not, but they reported Yasmin’s story as fact, anyway.

Now they are exposed, and Yasmin has pleaded guilty in court to making up the whole thing.

“Muslim college student who lied about Trump supporter subway attack pleads guilty,” by Shayna Jacobs and Jefferson Siegel, New York Daily News, September 8, 2017:

The Muslim college student who lied to cops about getting attacked on the subway by drunken Trump supporters took a plea deal on Friday.

Yasmin Seweid, 19, copped to falsely reporting an incident and disorderly conduct for the bogus claim.

Seweid, of New Hyde Park, L.I., said hate-filled white men harassed her and tried to snatch the hijab off her head during an encounter on the No. 6 train on Dec. 1.

Seweid previously admitted she wasted police resources to cover up for her missed curfew.

She must go through six months of counseling and complete three days of community service.

If Seweid fulfills the terms of her deal, the top charge against her will be tossed and she’ll be left with just a violation….

H/T: Pamela Geller

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