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NC Law Would Protect Drivers Who Hit Protesters Blocking The Road

A proposed bill in North Carolina would protect motorists from legal recourse if they hit protesters who block traffic, assuming they “exercise due care.”

Republican Rep. Justin Burr sponsored the bill in response to growing concerns over public safety after protestors disrupted traffic across the state, after police fatally shot Keith Lamont Scott, while serving a warrant for another man, last fall.

“I strongly believe North Carolina should protect law abiding drivers from facing civil liability if a protester is injured while attempting to illegally block traffic on a public highway or interstate.” – Justin Burr

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Bill 330 was approved by the state House in a 67-48 vote and now requires approval by the state senate.

State Rep. Robert Reives, D-Chatham County, called the bill unnecessary.

“I don’t know in what universe a person can run out in front of a car, and they’re going to win a personal injury case in North Carolina,” – Robert Reives

In what universe is it ok to allow protesters to put peoples safety and jobs at risk? Not to mention the impact such demonstrations have on the local economy.

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