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Net Neutrality Is Not What You Think

Now that “Net Neutrality” has begun repeal, the internet has exploded in righteous indignation that misses the entire point of what this regulation actually is.

Just because the regulations that Barack Obama brought in a couple of years ago were named “Net Neutrality,” it does not actually mean that the repeal is removing neutrality of the net. It is merely the name of the raft of regulations.

Many people who are campaigning against the repeal that went through yesterday are doing so because they believe that the title of the regulation actually describes its content. They need to get off the sofa and do some reading.

The facts are that allowing free markets to come up with solutions has ALWAYS worked out better for the consumer at the end. It may be a rocky road, to begin with, and some poorer inner city areas may not have the best possible service (they WILL NOT be cut off from the internet) for a short time; but in just a while, they will be the beneficiaries of better, cheaper, more usable internet resources than they ever were.

It is the very propaganda that these folk are buying that is being helped by having “net neutrality” regulation in place. They are supporting their own enslavement.

Think back to the distant days of just a few years ago. Internet was widely available, it was reasonably priced, and it was fairly fast. The regulations did nothing to help that; in fact, they slowed down investment. We would have faster, better, cheaper internet today if NN laws were never brought in.

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