New Bill Bans Pistol Sales

A Bill introduced last month and backed by 12 Democrats seeks to make the sale of pistols that do not have Microstamping tech illegal. Under the Make Identifiable Criminal Rounds Obvious (MICRO) Act, all rounds will carry an identifying stamp, and pistols that are not set up for this may no longer be able to be sold.

The author of the bill, Rep. Anthony Brown, said: “Microstamping offers law enforcement the chance to track bullet casings to the source of the crime, and is one more step we can take to ensure the safety of the American people.”

But this bill is all about control and regulation. It will not achieve its stated aim. Most gun crimes are committed by illegally owned/obtained firearms; what’s to stop people illegally obtaining bullets? And if someone wants to execute a crime, they could just pick up any spent shells. This is a ridiculous bill aimed at making people fearful of buying ammunition because it is yet another way for the government to track you.

If the Democrats really wanted to make the country safer, they would push for laws that give harsher prison sentences and be tougher on crime. That would stop crime, not tracking bullet casings on legally owned firearms.

New bill bans pistol sales unless they can microstamp their bullets

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