New Poll on Millenials Could Send Trump Back to the White House in 2020

As we’ve all seen, polls are manipulated and data is presented in such a way to cast a negative light on President Trump. But a new poll that questioned Millennials on how the president is getting on actually seems to show that he could hit a clear win come 2020.

Despite the headlines given for the new NBC News/GenForward survey, the reality actually looks good for his reelection chances. Trump gets more votes from age groups as they get older, his worst demographic being non-white Millenials, but the poll suggests that only 45% think he is doing worse than expected. Sure it seems a high number, but that means that a majority either have no opinion or are not disappointed…These are votes that are wide open for the incumbent president.

The fact is that if Trump fails to start World War 3 as predicted by every liberal commentator and politician, he can’t really fail to win some of these voters. Project fear began before his election and has been running full-steam ahead. But the problem is, when the predictions fail to materialize, potential voters will realize they have been lied to.

Add this to the fact that older people are more likely to vote anyway, and this is beginning to add up to a big win for Trump. The doom has failed to appear, his policies are getting through (slowly) and he has actually done an amazing job with foreign visits.  And, of course, the Democrats have completely failed to propose any candidate for themselves that isn’t tainted by failure, corruption or idiocy.

Looks like a home run to me.


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