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The New Tactic for Cultural Marxism

Just a few months ago, every other story was about Black Lives Matter and Antifa who were”challenging Donald Trump,” but now we hear almost nothing. Why is this?

Could it be because they were not grassroots movements at all but well-paid, well-resourced groups receiving money and support from Globalist organizations? And now they have been outed as such, the money has dried up…leaving only a few useful idiots sat around wondering what happened to the organization they thought was at the forefront of┬áreal political change.

They were clearly planned and controlled by those that want to impose cultural Marxism on America, and to do so, needed to destroy it.

So what is next for these shadowy operators?

The attack against America has been multi-pronged all along. They will continue pushing the Russian Collusion narrative for as long as possible until it gets exposed with the release of the Devin Nunes Memo…And then that will completely disappear from our front pages.

They will continue trying to obstruct and frustrate any positive changes the president brings about.

They will continue to promote the idea that the president is mentally unstable (although you’ll notice that this is dwindling already).

The next step for the forces of darkness is to try frame the immigration debate as an us against them situation. They will try and put legal migrants in the same basket as illegal migrants and create a proxy war. Be on the lookout for “immigrant rights” groups that spring up and take a national platform…You’ll begin to hear the names of two or three groups again and again…Don’t be fooled. These are set up by teh Globalists in an attempt to divide Americans. They will have rallies, they will have marches, and they will be given news time by all MSM networks…Kepp your eyes open.