New WALMART Scam -Must Read if You Shop at Walmart!

Scammers are becoming far more sophisticated nowadays. No longer will the “Nigerian Prince” be looking for “someone with a good heart” to help spend their money, it is now all hi-tech and very, very effective.

Walmart is one of the nation’s biggest retailers, and a lot of Americans use it. The latest big scam happening right across the US involves fraudsters using the Walmart name to get into your bank accounts. They send you a check for a sum of money and a letter on how to cash the check (it has all of the Walmart logos and looks very convincing, see below for pictures). The unsuspecting party takes the check to their bank, follows the instructions for putting it in their account…and now the scammers have full access to the account!

This is becoming a big business operation that preys on struggling families. For most Americans, if a check arrives for over a thousand dollars, it can seem like the answer to a prayer; but there’s no such thing as free money (unless you happen to be in the banking industry). Don’t be fooled. If a check arrives, take it down to Walmart to confirm if it’s real or not. Be safe, not sorry.

Walmart has gotten a reputation as one of the most trusted retailers in the world, but they are under heavy fire after a new scheme was launched.

The Illinois Sheriff’s Department has just issued a warning to the public about a new scheme where a victim receives a letter in the mail with a check.

The letter reportedly tells the recipient that they have been accepted into the “Quality Control” at Walmart. It goes on to inform them of their new “responsibilities.”


The check included requires activation with a user id and a password which is supplied in the letter.

Once the recipient tries to deposit it into their bank account, the thugs responsible have access to their bank account.

Be sure to share this with family and friends! We do not want these thugs getting their hands on any more cash at the expense of innocent Americans.


H/T: Conservative Post

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