New York Terror Attack – Killer Was on “Diversity Visa”

The terror attacker who drove into a crowd of people killing 8 and wounding dozens was apparently in the United States on one of the most controversial visas…The Diversity Visa. This program that is opposed by President Trump has been widely publicized since the RAISE act was announced as it would be completely cut away.

The Center for Immigration Studies National Security Policy Director Janice Kephart, gave a testimony in 2011 suggesting that just this type of thing might happen if the Diversity Visa were allowed to remain in place. She said:

“In most of the countries eligible for a diversity visa, neither education nor work experience can be verified, let alone identity,” Kephart stated. “Consular officers in U.S. embassies abroad thus spend an inordinate amount of time attempting to determine if people are who they say they are and actually qualify for the program. Checking watch lists based on names or prior U.S. immigration histories thus often has little bearing on making a solid determination of identity, qualifications, or legitimate national security concerns.”

So we are inviting people into the United States who cannot be thoroughly checked out in the name of “Diversity.” Well, this is what a diversity program gets you. Is it too much to ask that people who are invited to become Americans can actually prove who they are and that they don’t have connections to terror groups? Is this just too much to want?

Why is it that Democrats (and some Republicans) are still supporting this visa?  And why is it that only countries with majority whites need to be made forcibly more diverse? We never hear about Pakistan being “too brown” or Nigeria being “too black.” It is nothing more than a plot by the left to destroy the idea of nation-state democracy by mixing up people who have no shared culture or values.

After the incredible struggle of the civil rights movement, blacks in America were finally afforded the opportunity to become full Americans with equal access to opportunity, hopes, and aspirations, and began the long walk towards making us all one community: Americans. An influx of migrants who have no wish to become Americans undoes the wonderful progress made.


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