NFL Continues to Crash Out – Here’s the Reason People are Leaving

The NFL continues its slow decline as seats remain empty and even TV viewers have decided not to tune in. Is it because the American┬ápeople have suddenly decided they no longer enjoy the nation’s most popular sport? Or could it be because the public is sick and tired of watching Social Justice “warriors” destroy their enjoyment of the game?

Consider this theory for a moment: You are a white person. You enjoy pro-football and like to attend games. All of a sudden, the players start kneeling down. You wonder what they are protesting. On news media and even ESPN, you discover that they are protesting racism. You think, “God for them, racism is a bad thing.”

But then when these protestors explain themselves, what it seems like is that they are protesting “whiteness.” You listen to their arguments, you do some research, and it turns out that there is no pervasive, systemic racism at all. (there is of course racism, but institutions that have practiced racism are quickly shut down or have leaders replaced).

So it looks like your sporting heroes are actually protesting your existence as a “person of whiteness.”

What do you do? Do you continue to pay ticket prices and keep spending your hard-earned money on the salaries of folk who hate you? Or do you just stop going?

Yes, there are major racial injustices happening. And they are Legion. But it is not systemic, and it is not institutionalized. The protestors have this wrong.

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