NFL Protest is Racist and Fascist- Why Can No One See the Truth?

With the NFL, NBA and now even MLB getting involved in the “taking a knee” protest, nobody seems to be talking about the reality of what this is. It is a load accusation of racism against white people, regardless of their involvement in setting up institutions that they consider racist.

You see, lumping all people into one category based o the colour of their skin is actually the very definition of racism. Because we have to ask ourselves, what or who are these protestors actually protesting? They say it is racial injustice. Are you (if you are white) responsible for any racial injustice or police brutality? Be honest? Well if not, why then are you being targeted as a racist?

Black Lives Matter (from whom this protest sprung) claim that all white people are racist…Do you see the Irony here?

And as to fascist behavior…The one Steelers player who decided to stand for the anthem has released an apology, saying that he “made his teammates look bad.”

Is there a single person who believes that he wasn’t “gently pressured” into issuing this statement? Villanueva is a brave and honorable man, he is also a team player. Why should he feel bad for standing up for something he believes in? And why are opponents to this protest being vilified as bad people? Don’t the critics understand that in America, opposition to an ideology has a long and proud history?

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