No Jail For Teen Who Beat Black 16-year-old Girl to Death, Where is #Blacklivesmatter?

Anyone who thinks America represents justice should go tell that to the mother of 16-year-old Amy Joyner-Francis. We know her name because we have a video of her being beaten to death by a black female in her school bathroom. We don’t know the name of her attacker, well, because, American justice. American justice is more concerned with protecting the name of the 17-year-old student who beat her to death.

Fortunately for you, I could care less about American justice. Trinity Carr got 6 months probation for the horrific attack because the victim had a heart condition. Her heart gave out after Trinity Carr beat her severely for several minutes, hitting and kicking her in the head. American justice blames the victim for having a heart condition, not Trinity Carr who was in control the entire time. American justice has no sympathy for the handicapped or crippled, but all the sympathy in the world for people like Trinity Carr that murder them. If this is how we treat our disabled, maybe Soylent Green is a possibility in our future.

School officials found Amy Joyner-Francis beaten to death in the bathroom of Howard High School of Technology in Wilmington, Delaware, on April 21. It was later discovered that Francis had an undisclosed heart condition that contributed to her death. This is all a bottom-feeding American criminal defense lawyer would need to get 17-year-old Trinity Carr off the hook.

Police arrested Trinity Carr and accused her of repeatedly hitting Joyner-Francis in the head and torso, causing her death. Trinity Carr was charged with criminally negligent homicide. Police had a video recorded on a student’s cell phone that showed the attacker repeatedly punching the victim. She was convicted of negligent homicide by a Wilmington Family Court judge. He sentenced her to 6 months in a juvenile facility, because, well, American justice!

Where is #blackhypocritesmatter?

Black lives matter hasn’t uttered a word about the 16-year-old black teenager getting beaten to death while she was trying to learn and better herself at school. Why might you ask? Why on earth would #blackhypocritesmatter be silent about such an issue? Well, that’s pretty simple, you see her attacker was black also, therefor her life means nothing to #blackhypocritesmatter because there’s no way for them to politicize her death.

Trinity Car, the 17-year-old murderer

American Justice?

According to American justice, in this case, the 16-year-old, without knowing, consensually agreed to be beaten to death. The attacker didn’t know the victim had a heart condition, and the victim didn’t know the attacker was going to beat her to death, therefore the entire incident was consensual.

“The altercation was between two teens who knowingly and willingly entered the bathroom for that purpose. The possible consequence — that a consensual fight, involving no blunt force injuries, could ever result in death due to an unknown, pre-existing medical condition — was entirely unapparent to either girl. A teenager has no way of reasonably perceiving or anticipating that death might occur in this type of a consensual confrontation — something which otherwise appeared to be a not uncommon, although ugly and regrettable, fight between two school girls.” – John Deckers

A second defendant received 18 months probation after being convicted of helping plan the assault. A third girl was acquitted of all charges. Due to the failures of American justice, it probably won’t be long until all 3 are in trouble with the failed American law again.

The fight was reportedly over a boyfriend.

Anyone who thinks America represents justice should go tell that to the mother of 16-year-old Amy Joyner-Francis.

PS. Delware Online should do a better job of hiding the names of minors!

Source: Breitbart
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