“Non-existent” Documents Released by the FBI today- Tarmac Meeting

The now infamous “tarmac meeting” between former president Bill Clinton and former AG Loretta Lynch has long been thought to be the final proof that the government was conspiring against President Trump to rig the election in favor of the Clintons.

It was originally claimed by the FBI that they had “no documents” on this meeting. But after a Freedom of Information Request, it suddenly transpired that they had 30 of them!

Because of the hard work and tenacity of Judicial Watch, these “non-existent” documents will be released today, but what could they contain?

The fact that the FBI lied about even possessing them tells us something: that they don’t want the public to have them. But the likely outcomes range from the satisfactory to the deceitful.

Scenario one: The documents will show what we expect them to. They will show that Clinton and Lynch discussed getting rid of the charges against Hillary and that the DOJ was actively trying to protect her.

Scenario two: They have been redacted so much that it is impossible to tell anything of real value, leaving us with as many unanswered questions as we have now.

And the third scenario that is most likely: They have faked the documents. The release papers completely back up the Clinton and Lynch version of events and the MSM start laughing at all the people who have been searching for the truth. But why deny you have the documents if they are completely innocent?

This will be just another cover-up. The state agencies have already proven that they are dishonest by denying the existence of the documents in the first place. So why should we believe what they put out?

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