Obama Lashes Out at America!

Former President Barack Obama has decided that in his retirement he will continue the damaging works he has been fostering to the US since he was first elected. This time it was in France where he decried the political establishment (without mentioning that he himself has campaigned side by side with these people and given them positions in government).

But perhaps his strangest comment came during a speech. He said that more women need to be in office “because men seem to be having some problems these days.” But I thought that men and women were basically the same?

If they aren’t the same, then doesn’t that mean that you can’t “become” a woman by just identifying yourself as one? So it appears that Obama is either talking nonsense now, or he is exposing the logical idiocy of the trans movement. Which is it Mr. Former President?

And this isn’t all. He said that America is suffering from a lack of leadership!!! Funny, I thought that there were more decisions being made and more EO and bigger and better bills going through than ever before? Or are the numbers wrong and Obama is right?

Listen. If another candidate had won, we would have been sad, we would have moaned, but we wouldn’t have taken to the streets to riot, we wouldn’t assault people for their political beliefs, and we wouldn’t go around the world denigrating the country.

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