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It’s Official: North Korea Can Now Fire Missiles ANYWHERE in the World!

Yesterday, North Korea launched yet another missile. This time, the US recorded the altitude the missile hit, and from this can now confidently state that North Korea can now sens a missile pretty much anywhere in the world in terms of distance.

This is a worrying fact but perhaps it will spark something that hasn’t yet occurred. People can’t have failed to notice that it seems to be President Trump dealing with Kim Jong Un. He may not get much praise for tackling him, or for the methods, he’s using, but at least he is doing something. It seems strange that the rest of the world leaders are so casual about having a dictator in place with nuclear weapons who threatens to destroy any nation he wants.

Perhaps now the rest of the world knows that it is not merely South Korea and Japan that they could attack, they might start getting constructive and start helping out president Trump.

The world has been following former president Barack Obama’s method of dealing with NK up until now, “strategic patience” or “doing absolutely nothing and hoping nothing happens on my watch” as we call it in English. And whilst the world has been doing nothing, Kim has built himself some THAADs and a nuclear weapons factory and been allowed to get angrier and more isolated.

Well done Barack!, Well done rest of world! You sat back and waited until someone else would have to deal with Kim and congratulated yourselves that you dodged the bullet. Well, we are all under the gun now thanks to your cowardice and inaction.

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