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Ohio Police Officer Accidentally Overdoses During Traffic Stop On Thís Substance

An East Liverpool, Ohio police officer is recovering after he accidentally overdosed during a traffic stop. It happened when officers tried to pull over a suspicious vehicle. The driver was a Cleveland man who had warrants out for his arrest on drug charges. After pulling the vehicle over, and while an officer had the man at gunpoint still inside the car, he began rubbing a white powder into the carpet.

Patrolman Chris Green immediately entered the car to stop the suspect from destroying the evidence. Police found several piles of white powder in the car. The suspect first said it was cocaine, then later admitted it was fentanyl.

After the arrest, Patrolman Green started feeling sick and dizzy. Police learned that during his struggle with the suspect, the fentanyl had gotten onto his skin. Medics gave the officer Narcan, the life-saving overdose reversal drug.

Green is expected to make a full recovery! Both of the men in the car are initially charged with tampering with evidence. More charges are expected to be filed!

Source: WPXI
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