PA Man Kills Pet Cats, Brags about it on Facebook, Public’s Help Needed

The public’s help is requested in identifying the Pennsylvania man who is bragging about killing people’s pet cats.   The man is believed to live in the Reading Pennsylvania area.  Screenshots of his now deleted facebook page identified him as an employee of Beacon Container located at 700 West First Street, Birdsboro, PA 19508, Phone: 610-582-2222. The company uniform the suspect wears in the picture is from a company located just miles away from his alleged location.

WARNING: The image will probably offend you. It is of the suspect posting an image on his facebook page that is of him holding a dead cat he just shot with an arrow.

In order to comply with strict advertisers like Google Adsense, we have to filter our news and are unable to just show the picture right here. Therefore if you want to see the picture, click here, at your own risk.

You can also view the image by visiting facebook. Type Ian Allen in the search box or click here to visit the search results page directly.

What we know so far

The man, identified as Ian Allen on Facebook, is believed to be from either Reading or Muhlenberg PA. Both of these locations are in the Reading area. In the below picture, the suspect is seen wearing a uniform for a company that is also located in the Reading area:

The uniform says Beacon Container.  That company is located just miles from his alleged location.  In the below picture the red represents the suspects alleged location.  You can see Birdsboro at the bottom right, this is the location of Beacon Container:

Who to Contact, what to do?

Based on both the violent image and the image of the suspect in a work uniform, there is significant reason to believe that a serious crime(s) has occurred in the Reading Pennsylvania area.

Some have said the police were investigating this, however, this cannot be confirmed as there is nothing in the local media about it. Therefore, here are the people that need to hear about this from as many of us as possible:

Report Crime

Reading Police Department
Address: 815 Washington St, Reading, PA 19601
Phone: (610) 655-6116

Report to employer

Beacon Container
700 West First Street, Birdsboro, PA 19508
Phone: 610-582-2222

Report to the media, get it covered

Phone: (717) 236-1444
Fax: (717) 236-1263
Tips: 1-800-FON-WHTM
Email: [email protected]
Penn Live
Fill out news tip form online by Clicking here.
Main Phone:
News Director:
General Sales:
General Manager:

And Last But Not Least…

They can’t speak for themselves

You have to speak for them. Share this story, copy the story and pictures and repost it in your website. Get this story out there before this savage kills more local pets.

We’ll keep this page posted with any new details

Below are more pictures captured from random facebook posts:

Facebook Comments

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