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Paradise Papers Reveal Hundreds of Millions in Investment from Russia for Social Media

Millions of leaked documents about financial investments and offshore Cayman Island bank accounts have come out; collectively, they are known as the Paradise Papers. Already the media is poring over them and announcing that this or that person in the Trump team had money invested in a company that keeps money offshore. It is hog’s heaven for them.

But why are they completely ignoring the biggest catch of all? It appears that both Twitter and Facebook received hundreds of millions of dollars were given in investment from companies that are directly tied to the Russian State. So this is collusion, right? We know the social media giants were working against Trump’s election campaign, and now we know that they were paid hundreds of millions of dollars…Don’t we? Isn’t this collusion with a foreign government to rig the democratic process?

But let’s be easy on them. Let’s say that the hundreds of millions of dollars were literally just cash investment and that they have no responsibility to look into where it came from. If we give them this allowance, shouldn’t we do the same for others involved? r is it good for the left. but bad for the right?

Here are the figures:

“The files show that in 2011, VTB funded a $191m investment in Twitter. About the same time, Gazprom Investholding financed an opaque offshore company, which in turn funded a vehicle that held $1bn-worth of Facebook shares.”

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