Pay Hike for Military Signed by Trump – Recognizing the Sacrifice?

Yesterday, President Trump showed the US that he is behind the military and the service personnel who risk so much for our safety. He signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which is a $700 billion Pentagon budget bill that will give troops a 2.4% pay rise. It’s not much in the grand scheme of things, but it is the largest pay hike the military has had since 2010.

The budget calls for a number of things other than the pay rise. It includes money for an additional 20,000 troops; funding for weapons systems, retention pay and bonuses; and of course repairs to destroyers.

Chair of the House Armed Services Committee, Republican Rep. Mac Thornberry, said: “Having the President sign the NDAA conference report into law is a critical milestone in the effort to rebuild America’s military strength, support our troops, and reform the way the Pentagon does business. The policies in this bill reflect months of bipartisan work and agreement. But Congress must follow this authorization with a matching appropriation bill if we are to really rebuild our military. There is more work to do.”

And there’s a lot of spending happening.

It is difficult to look at the problems at home and not wonder why so much tax money is being spent on projects like the f-35 (which is notoriously expensive), and new Navy vessels. And with a president who is looking to a Jacksonian foreign policy, we may well ask why such military spending is taking place.

But the fact that troops are getting a little more is important. These people do not have the same lives as we have. They can’t put down the same kind of roots, they are in danger, and the strain on their families is immense.We can at least support this part regardless opinion on other areas.

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