Pelosi and Schumer Disgrace Themselves AND Their Supporters!

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have disgraced themselves and proven that they are in no way fit for office. They failed to turn up for a negotiating session with the president and top Republicans, and at the same time, bailed out on the protesters who had turned up to show support for them!

So what exactly do they think their job is?

If they are not going to get involved with the production or amendment of legislation if they are not going to argue their case, then what is the point of them? Sure, they can tun up and vote against the legislation, but to vote “anti-Trump” on every single thing that comes out, do we really need a high paid politician with a team of staff and security? Couldn’t we just pay the Capitol Hill Janitor to pop in whenever there is a vote and vote “anti-Trump”?

The results would be exactly the same! except with the custodial staff doing the voting, we’d only have to pay them $20 a pop!

They failed to turn up to talks that would shape policy. Their excuse was that on tax reform, the president suggested that there would be no negotiation on immigration. THESE ARE SEPARATE ISSUES!!!

If they will only pass tax reform if Donald rolls over on immigration, then they were never ready to negotiate in the first place. They are putting ideology ahead of the welfare of the American people…And they are nothing but obstructionists.

I think it’s time we had a chat with the cleaning crew on the HIll and see if they want to make a little extra money.

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