Pharmacist Jailed for Showing ISIS Beheading to School Kids

A pharmacist in the UK has been sent to prison for attempting to radicalize school children by showing them an ISIS beheading of a US soldier.

Zameer Ghumra worked as a pharmacist and was in the process of trying to set up an Islamic school ( a Madrassa) in the area. He was trying to recruit the young brothers into becoming fighters for ISIS. He now faces only six years in prison, but in all likelihood will be released much sooner.

Sue Hemming, of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said:

“Zameer Ghumra tried to brainwash impressionable children with this violent ideology by making one watch beheading videos and urging them both to adopt a hardline religious outlook.”

“The CPS case was that he intended to radicalize them in the hope that they would go on to be involved in terrorism. The children were brave to give evidence and we would like to thank them for helping to secure this conviction of a dangerous man.”

This is a sick man who must have some connections within the local council (how else could he be in the process of opening a school), who is actively trying to bring death in the name of Islam.

The boys who came forward were brave. Not only would they have been afraid of Ghumra himself, but also of the reaction from some extremist elements in their own community.

But these are boys that had the courage to not only resist, but also to tell their mother what had happened. How many children are being exposed to this on a daily basis who feel too afraid to come forward.

There is an answer to solving Islamic extremism in the Western world, but it involves people in the Muslim community to achieve it. There are some great Muslims and ex-Muslims working hard to battle this brainwashing and hatred, but sadly, nowhere near enough.


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