Police Looking For Couple After Sick Thing They Did To Disabled Vietnam Veteran

Police have issued a wanted poster for a couple accused of terrible crimes against a 70-year-old Vietnam veteran.   Dale Roberts and Nicole Standige are wanted for aggravated robbery, battery and felony theft of property.

John Thomas is a 70-year-old disabled Vietnam Veteran of a silver star and three bronze stars. On April 11th, Thomas pulled into his driveway on South Greenwood Avenue. A couple approached him as he exited his car. The couple asked Thomas if they could carry his groceries. Thomas let them, he thought they were just doing the right thing. Once inside Thomas talked to the couple for a few minutes. Eventually Thomas had to get up to use the bathroom. After exiting the bathroom he was struck in the head several times with a poker from his fireplace. Thomas used his arm to block a majority of the blows. Thomas was knocked out cold.

When Thomas came back to it, he realized his hands were tied with electrical cord. Thomas saw the couple dragging bags of his stuff out of the house. He laid back down and pretended to still be knocked out. After the couple finally left Thomas crawled outside and got help.

Fort Smith police have released a wanted poster for the couple responsible. Dale Roberts and Nicole Standige have been charged with aggravated robbery, battery, and felony theft of property. The couple stole the veterans vehicle and may still be driving it. The vehicle is a 2010 white KIA Soul with a license plate number Arkansas 646-OPP.

Source: Channel 5 News
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