“Political Rights Decline” in US – Based on QUOTE:”No Evidence”

The political watchdog group, Freedom House, has released their annual report on how political rights are getting on in the United States. Their report covers a range of factors that decide America’s standing; this year, they say rights in the US have dropped since last year, taking the country down one place on their board.

Is it true? Because it certainly feels as though Americans are freer than under Obama. But then we discover what they based their assessment on…They say it is  ” due to growing evidence of Russian interference in the 2016 elections.”

But then they go on to say “there is no evidence“!!!

So how can something for which there is “no evidence” lead to a curtailing of rights? Clearly, President Trump isn’t pushing the Russian Narrative story. Trump’s administration is also not pushing the idea of Russian Collusion. So who is? Well, it’s the Democrats. They are the ones pushing this nonsense, and therefore, if rights are being hurt in this country, it is because of them pushing Russian Collusion WITHOUT evidence!

Do you think today’s headlines will be saying” Democrats Cause POlitical Rights Decline” in the papers and online???? Of course they won’t! They will do as they’ve always done and blame Trump, without realizing that to do so actually hurts political rights even more!

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