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Popular Indian Actress Brought to Tears by Racism From #Blacklivesmatter Activists

Who will liberals side with in this story?  Freida Selena Pinto, a well-known 32-year-old Indian actress, was brought to tears by racist #blacklivesmatter UK activists.  BLM was upset that an Indian actress was cast to play an Indian person in a civil rights movie.   Do liberals side with the woman from a Muslim country, or do they side with their George Sorros funded #blacklivesmatter?

#blacklivesmatter racists were upset over Pinto’s role in a new civil rights movie. Pinto was cast as an Indian nurse who is married to a Black civil rights leader. The movie is set in 1970’s London. That didn’t set well with the black supremacists within #blacklivesmatter as Pinto is Indian, not African-European. #blacklivesmatter supremacists apparently wanted an all black cast, minorities need not apply.

Tears rolled down Pinto’s face throughout the entire panel session. The Oscar wining director of the film, John Ridley, tried to appease the thugs in the crowd but was unsuccessful:

“John then spent around 40 minutes trying to speak to them after the event, but they were really rude in rolling their eyes and answering back saying he didn’t understand. It was ridiculous following his background.” – Deccan Chronical

After attempting to talk sense into the #blacklivesamtter activists for over 40 minutes, the director and actors gave up. Neil Kenlock, the former official photographer for the British Black Panthers, tried to point out that Pinto’s role was historically accurate but it didn’t matter. Mala Sen was a well known human rights activist, however, since she wasn’t black, nobody in the racist #blacklivesmatter organization knew who she was.

#blacklivesmatter is not the solution to racism, it is the source.

Source: Deccan Chronicle
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