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Poverty Ridden California – Guess Why?

Apparently, the once Golden State is suffering from massive amounts of poverty. Is it because the US is in economic decline? Nope. As we know, the US economy is doing better than ever. So what could be causing one in five Californians to be living in poverty?

The figures seem to point to their leftist policies on immigration and being a sanctuary state.

In just 13 years, California spent $958 billion on welfare benefits…55% of welfare recipients just happen to immigrants.

Now it would be unfair to conflate legal migrants with illegal ones, but it is estimated that:

Illegal migrant crime costs about $4.4 billion a year.

Healthcare and emergency services also just over $4 billion for illegal migrants.

And about $30 billion each year in welfare for illegal migrants.

This is why California is getting poorer and poorer. The left make the argument that migrants are great for the country and the economy, and the vast majority of legal migrants are (although those that come in through chain migration don’t appear to have a noticeable economic benefit when added altogether). It is illegal immigration that is crippling California…and it will only get worse.

Why can’t immigration be dealt with on a cost/benefit basis?┬áIf someone is here illegally and they are contributing financially to the community, they get a pathway to citizenship…If they are not, they are therefore a burden and should leave.