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Did Project Veritas Try to Set Up WaPo?

The breaking news this morning is that James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas got caught out trying to hoist a fake victim of Judge Roy Moore onto unsuspecting WaPo reporters who saw through the ruse and have exposed the “conservative-leaning” project.

But what is the reality? Were they really trying to do Roy Moore a favor? Or is the truth something very different?

In fact, Veritas has been very open about what they were trying to do, they have talked about it and even advertised it, but the MSM is ignoring it because this is their chance to get revenge on O’Keefe for exposing them as the liars and frauds that they are.

Project Veritas did send an undercover reporter to the WaPo offices with a fake story, not to exonerate Moore, but to find out if the Washington Post would run with the story regardless of facts. This time, WaPo did see through the lies. But the point is that it was meant to be a flimsy story from the start.

The question was whether they dig into the facts well enough. In this case, they did, so WaPo deserves a round of applause. Yet the idea that Veritas was trying to help out Moore is ridiculous, they were trying to see what kind of journalistic practices exist ta the paper.

And it is a fair question to ask. There have been plenty of reports of WaPo reporters offering money to people to make up stories, and although they are unverified, it is definitely worth an investigation. Shouldn’t WaPo be congratulating Veritas for trying to keep journalistic integrity high?

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