Public School Requires English Course that Denigrates White Boys

In Minnesota, a public school has introduced a required course that focuses on “English” that will remove white privilege from the language. UNsuprisingly, since its introduction, their position for literacy has dropped from 5th to 29th.

The Edina school began giving a required course to 10th graders that focused on “colonization, immigration, and social constructions of race, class, and gender.” Parents are angered that not only are basic literacy skills suffering but that their children are being indoctrinated by the public school system.

One of the young boys who was made to attend the class said that it should be renamed more accurately to “Why White Males Are Bad, and How Oppressive They Are.”

The school has tried to sell the course as nothing quite as oppressive, but the creator of the course, Jackie Roehl, was far more honest. She said:

“Understanding Critical race theory was a significant reason behind our school taking another step on our equity journey — incorporating a study of Critical race theory into our sophomore English classes,” Roehl wrote. “English teachers felt that our district’s mission to give all learners the ‘ethical values necessary to thrive in a rapidly changing, culturally diverse, global society’ could not be fully met without explicit discussions of race, racism, and Whiteness.”

A vocal critic of the brainwashing described her impressions of what was taking place:

“The Edina schools’ new race-based ideology undermines all students’ ability to think creatively and critically — that is, to think freely,” Kersten wrote. “Students are learning to parrot orthodoxy back to teachers and to look nervously over their shoulders in case the authorities catch them in a forbidden thought or a ‘microaggression.’ They are learning that, at school, a top priority must be to please those in power. Disturbingly, some parents say that their children appear to see nothing out of the ordinary in this.”

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