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Putin shows President Trump his muscle before the G20 summit

Russian President Vladimir Putin will choose his words carefully just before his first meeting with US President Donald Trump. Russian criticism of American economic policy is evident.

Russia prefers open trade in order to promote global economic growth, the Russian leader writes in a guest contribution in the German business newspaper Handelsblatt on Thursday: “I am convinced that open trade relations based on clear standards make the global economy good. ‘

He hates protectionism, which, according to him, is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. In addition, he also has no good word for “politically motivated” sanctions on trade and investment.

Forced attack

They can not be separated from the same protectionism, says Putin. He says he will supportĀ German Chancellor Angela Merkel on this. “We have the same priorities.” Merkel used the same words at the end of June when expressing global cooperation instead of raising trade barriers.

Putin puts a veiled attack on the “America First” policy of the White House. On the first day of his presidency, President Trump slammed the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade plan.

Earlier, the US President Germany fell due to the large German exports to his country. “Bad, very bad” for the US economy, Donald Trump believes that (deploying) US jobs.

For the first time shake each other’s hand

Friday is the first time Donald Trump, since January – he and his Russian colleague Vladimir Putin will shake hands. This is happening in the margin of the G20 summit in the German city of Hamburg. Many eyes are focused on this summit because there is one subject that overshadows everything: research into the alleged Russian interference during the American elections and contacts of the Trumps campaign team with the Kremlin.

Do the two world leaders put the brisk file on the table? Trump would like to have better relations with Russia, but there is also some downside in the relation ship. According to a commentary from the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal, Donald Trump care should not be too friendly – it would make him more suspect in the eyes of many people. Subjects that will be on the table areĀ are the civil war in Syria (America and Russia are in line with each other) and the Ukraine issue.

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