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Putin wants retaliation against “illegal” sanctions USA


Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday that Russia is forced to take retaliatory measures when Washington continues with what he called “illegal new sanctions” against Moscow. He called American behavior towards his country; “blunt and unreasonable “.

Putin, visiting Finland, commented on the vote in the House of Representatives Tuesday to impose new sanctions on Moscow because of the alleged Russian interference in the US presidential elections. The sanctions still require approval from the Senate.

The Russian president has repeatedly opposed US accusations of interference in the presidential elections. He said that Moscow will only decide on reprisals if the final text of the proposed sanction law is known.


“As you know, we exercise restraint and patience, but at some point, we will have to retaliate. It is impossible to endlessly tolerate this nonsense to our country, “Putin told a press conference.

He called the proposed US sanctions “extremely cynically” and an attempt by Washington to protect his own geopolitical interests at the expense of his allies in Europe.

“It is very sad that US-Russian relations are sacrificed to resolve internal policy issues in the United States,” Putin added: “It’s a pity because we can work together to resolve the acutest issues about Russia And the United States are worried.”

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