Race-Baiting Doug Jones on the Eve of Alabama Election

The Democrats are getting so desperate in Alabama as the vote for the Alabama Senate seat heats up. Doug Jones’s campaign has so far avoided calling on the establishment Dems…Until now.

Corey Booker and others have descended on Alabama to help bolster Doug’s failing campaign as they realize that their campaign against Roy Moore with fraudulent efforts against him is failing miserably. And what did these “Superstar Dems” do? They visited a rally with around 200 black voters!

Why do they assume that sending black politicians to see black folk is their best bet of getting elected? It is this kind of race-baiting politics that has so divided the nation. Why can’t they treat black folk as just Americans? Why do they assume that black voters are only interested in police brutality, the penal system, and incarceration rates? The fact is that like everyone else, black and white voters are interested in the exact same things!

Security, economy, education. These are the things that matter to voters regardless of skin color. And this is where the Dems are going wrong. They are trying to win an election by offering different policies for people of different colors. It’s wrong, it’s racist, and in the end, it will fail.

Regardless of what you think of Roy Moore, he is at least campaigning on a platform that does not further divide Americans. This kind of Dem race-baiting is a disgusting point in America’s history. Why haven’t they learnt the real lessons of the civil rights movement?

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