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“It’s Racist to Say You are English” – Is this Guy Serious???


UK presenter and television personality, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, has made the headlines worldwide for saying it is a racist act to call yourself English. The presenter, who seems incredibly proud of his Welsh roots (even though he was born in London) said:

‘I don’t often use the term “England” because I think it’s racist,’ says Llewelyn-Bowen. ‘Whereas “British” can be used in the way that “To be Roman” didn’t mean coming from Rome at all.

‘I like that . . . and this is me speaking as a Welshman — an aborigine of the island. I’m very pleased to welcome you all in, obviously.’

Has the Cultural Marxism really gone so far that it is now considered racist to even state where you are from? He is a symptom of the Liberal elites, a class system that hates the very thing that gave them the power and privilege he now has.

And if you think this isn’t coming to the USA soon enough, think again.

The presenter also said: ‘You have to understand that the English all come from just outside Amsterdam, which is why they tend to be ginger and tall.’

Which appears to be nonsense. But he is not alone in his anti-English hatred.

As reported by the Daily Mail:

Former Newsnight reporter Paul Mason, who is now a prominent Jeremy Corbyn supporter, said he did not want to be English.

Speaking in 2015, he claimed: ‘I predict all attempts to create an Englishness that can encompass Wigan and Henley will fail, for the same reasons that Gordon Brown’s “Britishness” initiatives failed.

‘One person’s Englishness is another’s racism.’


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