Racist Singer Demand Whites “Move to the Back”

At a concert in Halifax, Canada, singer and performer Lido Pimienta demanded that audience members who were at the front of the venue move to the back. This is not the first time she has done this, and according to her Tweets, won’t be the last.

Firstly, is it acceptable to ask people to move to the back because of their skin color? Do you remember Rosa Parks? But this blatant act of racism got even worse. A volunteer photographer was doing her job at the front of the venue taking pictures, but when Pimienta saw that she was white, stopped her show and kept repeating “move to the back,” over and over and blamed the photographer for holding up her show. She said:

‘You are cutting into my set time and you are disrespecting these women, and I don’t have time for this.’”

The photographer was not there to enjoy the show, but to do a job, she could not get her job done well from the back of the venue.

And the event organizers waded in on this, too. Do you think they defended the photographer? No. They apologized for her “overt racism.”

As far as can be seen, there was only one “overt racist” in attendance that night, and she was on the stage. But the organizers have called Pimienta a “role model” and made it very clear that the photographer was removed and will not be allowed to attend again.

Things have gone very badly wrong.

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