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The “Rage Addiction” of the Leftists

You may have noticed that the political left seem to be angry pretty much constantly. This is not just a spat of childish immaturity (although this is part of it), but it is a sign of rage addiction. These people actually want to remain angry and feed their addiction to foster and grow it.

Much like Trump Derangement Syndrome (whereby people are uncontrollably incensed by President Trump), these folk need to keep feeding the bear to keep it alive. And they do this on the streets and on social media.

More worryingly is that it seems to have taken hold of people who are elected to represent us. People like Maxine Waters, who has refused to speak with constituents who did not vote for her. She is denying them their constitutional access to government. Why? Because she is angry and wants to vent her frustration.

And it is being encouraged in school kids and on college campuses across America. They are being told that they have a right to feel angry and that they should “display” this anger through any form of protest they see fit…The prolem occurs that these young folk will not be able to integrate into society.

When they are a little older and start praying for a tax break so they can get by, they will not be able to express themselves, they will continue to live in fits of rage and pointless anger…and worse, they will blame society for their own inability.