The Railroad Job Congress is Pulling on President Trump and What it May Mean to America

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On Monday, August 6th, the ACLI filed a law suit against the FBI for failing to comply with the Freedom of Information Act request. The FBI lied and said they had no documents pertaining to the collusion case between Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton and yep, you guessed it, FBI director Comey according to Jordan Sekulow of the ACLI.

While the Left would have you believe that President Trump is guilty of Collusion with Russia, it seems Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton and FBI Director Comey were actively colluding to keep their candidate, Hillary Clinton, out of prison so she could run for President.

No time in history has this ever happened, where someone under investigation for treason, was allowed to run and up until Hillary the FBI actually did its job. Up until then anyone who mishandled classified documents was either demoted, prosecuted or both. Just ask Gen., David Petraeus. Remember him? He was demoted after he was caught. Why not Hillary?

In response to the law suit, the FBI handed over 413 or so pages of documents they claimed didn’t exist; many of them heavily redacted. Jordan Sekulow of the ACLI has stated they will continue to press the FBI for the information. Judge Jean Pirro of Fox News went on record to say that the redaction was not necessary and in direct violation of the Freedom of Information Act.

So what do we believe happened during that meeting? What we know so far is Bill Clinton approached Loretta Lynch as she was boarding her jet on the tarmac. The FBI, in attendance, did not allow cell phones, reporters, cameras or any recording devices on the plan at the time of the meeting.

After the meeting, there was a series of emails between Bill, Loretta, and Comey. After the meeting, Hillary was “grilled” with a set of questions believed to be “pre-selected” for Hillary to answer. After the interview, Hillary is cleared in a most unspectacular way and Hillary goes on to announce in her campaign that she’d hire Loretta on as attorney general if she won. While we can’t yet prove what was said on that jet it’s a fair bet it wasn’t about golf and grand kids as they claimed it was in later meetings with the press.

Meanwhile, with all that going on, we have the mainstream media refusing to report on this; all except Fox News. We’re 8 months into President Donald Trump’s presidency and no one has found any evidence of collusion with Russia. Ex-FBI Director Comey stated before Congress that there was no evidence of collusion nor was he ordered to not investigate President Trump on this issue. Yes, Comey was fired. He was fired because of his mishandling of the Clinton server debacle, not to get out of being investigated.  After Comey testified it looked like it was all going to go away; until President Trumps, son said he met with a Russian lawyer to gain information on Hillary.

This sparked one last hope for the Democrats and it seems congress, in general, to get rid of President Trump. They ran with it, even though Hillary did exactly the same thing with Ukraine and even though it was not Collusion nor illegal according to Judge Pirro of Fox News. Now they’ve got Richard Blumenthal as special prosecutor convening a special grand jury in Washington DC, the one place that has the least amount of Trump supporters to go on a fishing expedition.

Blumenthal is also expanding his so called investigation from emails and meetings, which is what he was charged to investigate, to family, friends and financial transactions. This is a typical federal prosecutor tactic to railroad someone they have nothing on. They squeeze anyone they can until they find the one person who they can “flip” on their intended target; in this case President Trump. The fact is they’re doing this witch hunt exactly backward from what a real investigation is run. They’re just trying to see what sticks because, in truth, they have nothing as President Trump has said many times via his Twitter account. What is the GOP doing about this blatant attack on their president candidate? Nothing. If this would have happened to Obama the left side of the isle would have come unglued and stopped it dead in its tracks. The GOP seems complicit in this railroading of the President.

So why does any of this matter? Well if you’re on the left it probably doesn’t; in fact you’re probably hoping they succeed. If you’re on the right, however, and if you actually give a crap about justice and this country you should be very concerned. This so called investigation is a waste of tax payers’ dollars in the millions of dollars and has this country split in ways that makes the Obama era almost look symbiotic.

The damage this could cause this country is many folds. The first and most obvious is the Millions of dollars of tax payers money mishandled for this farce. The second is if President Trump is deposed Congress figures it’ll go back to business as usual.

The right foolishly thinks that it’ll be over and Vice President Pence will become President and since he’s a politician it’ll all be okay. I see it differently, however. If congress does execute this coupe the left will not stop with President Trump. I see the left side saying “Well since Trump should have never been elected in the first place because he “Colluded” with Russia, Hillary should be President since she would have won”. I believe the Left will try to use this to usurp the Presidency with Hillary.

There is another issue many people on social media have been talking about; civil war. The right, mostly Trump supporters have said that if President Trump is removed from office they would be willing to fight and that there would be war, basically between the right and left, which in this case could include all of Congress in their sights. This wouldn’t be the first time the Democrats caused a civil war. Let’s just hope they don’t end up causing one this time.


Picture: mark reinstein / Shutterstock.com

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